Sunday, June 19, 2016

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mood : rase cantik sebab suke shawl ni. *tunjuk diri sendiri. die warne macam pink belacan ha gitu.

blogspot is no longer relevant. sebenanya relevan cume takde mase dah nak update. lepastu as we are growing up, kite dah takdan buat bende bende that we used to do back then when we still young, and wild, and silly and dumb and annoying as fuck and let the list goes on segale kot. aint no time for that. im not saying im matured enough tp quite matured la kot. so many things happened, good and bad, and i think i should be proud with myself la not doing well but im not doing bad ha macamtu.

hey you if youre still stalking here, congratulation on your wedding. sincerely. finally you meet someone who gonna accept you from who you are, who gonna going through thick and thin together with you kire macam kalau kau left wing die right wing la macamtu. dalam dunie ni banyak bende kau takboleh pakse and its obvious. its a right thing to do after all kan. :)

whats more? i don't think i can rumbling more and i dont think i even have so-called silent reader so yeah selamat berpuase. semoga diberi kesihatan yg baik, nikmat iman, dikelilingi orang-orang baik, rezeki yang melimpah ruah insya ALLAH.

oh even though i don't think someone gonna stop by here, but i would like to let you know that im dreamin of you haritu. i hope everythings going very well for you. you, i mean my ex. my ex which i mean megat. aku mimpi kau. aku harap kau sihat, bahagia, move on, jenguk family selalu k. someone advice me suruh contact kau but i dont think you gonna like it. kite due seems like ignored each other kan. but it doesnt mean we hate each other kot. we both like i'll-be-happy-when-youre-happy-too sort of. man! i really put such a high hope that you gonna read this post. silly me. tp itulah, contact me if you want to, aku ade je.

oklah bai.

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